Experience the wonder and majesty of the ocean through a series of habitats and come face to face with some of the most awe inspiring species on the planet.


In 1980s, a breakthrough movie came out that influenced a whole generation of film makers. This is a movie where Luc Besson started to make its mark on filmography, with legendary producers like James Cameron saying they were influenced by it, creating Abyss and search for the Titanic. When it comes to Virtual Reality, this young industry just encountered The Big Blue moment with a similar name. Theo Valich


Wevr’s TheBlu delivers a mesmerizing deep sea experience in VR.

Dean Takahashi

Venture Beat

My mind begins to think it is underwater, yet my actual feet stand firmly planted in the office of a Southern California virtual reality production company known as WEVR (formerly Wemo Lab). I keep telling myself that this is only a virtual reality experience, however, it all seems so real. Matthew Terndrup

Road to VR


theBlu: is a deeply immersive VR series that allows audiences to experience the wonder and majesty of the ocean through different habitats and come face to face with some of the most awe inspiring species on the planet. The series, which is directed by Jake Rowell (Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Superman Returns), has been designed as beautiful moments in passing or a collection of memories that powerfully tap into the vast potential of VR. The debut episode, featuring an incredible close encounter with an 80 foot whale, is already recognized as one the most iconic room scale VR experiences to date (a Sundance Film Festival 2016 selection). Additional episodes in this bundle take place on a teeming coral reef and in the very deepest region of the ocean. Gain access to new modes of discovery in each episode. Slow time and capture pictures in Inspector Mode, and return to a meditative version of each location in Ambient Mode.

TheBlu VR transports you into a gorgeous virtual reality experience that’s not only interesting and fun, but educational. How? By allowing you to live among sea creatures as they actually are, in their own habitat.

With various sea creatures swimming around your head, wearing the VR headset feels like wearing a pair of scuba goggles with added calming voiceover that guides you through the dream-like majesty of marine life. The stunning 3D graphics bring excitement to the fully immersive underwater journey of the TheBlu VR, whether you’re hanging out with orcas in the Arctic, chilling with dolphins near the beach, or staring into the eyes of an enormous blue whale.




Single Player

Special Features

Whale Encounter

An undersea encounter with the largest species on earth.

Reef Migration

Witness the magnificence of an undersea migration on the edge of a coral reef.

Luminous Abyss

Venture into the deepest region of the ocean to discover the iridescent abyss.

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